Yoichiro Sato - Milla Jovovich #3

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Another version of Milla Jovovich #2. I had in mind an old green van with a back door (where you can see her sitting on this picture). But that was not easy to find. One day on the highway, back from a day of location scouting with the whole team, I saw this van running ahead of us. I asked the coordinator to catch up to it. The driver didn’t understand what we wanted so he speeded up to run away from us. Thus, ensued a car chase on the Los Angeles Highway. We finally got levelled with it and I showed the driver a board saying, “we want your car for a photoshoot!”. He finally understood what we wanted and we both got out from the highway to talk
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Libellé New
Artiste Yoichiro Sato
Orientation Paysage

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Leica CL 24X36